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Dorset Swingers wanted to try swinging but didn't want to go all the way - you know you'd be surprised how many swinging couples just want to have fun whilst another couple either watch or play at the same time hence where terms like SRS (same room sex) and soft swapping came into its own

"Dorset Swingers - looking for lots of fun "

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Hi have you heard about soft swingers or same room sex, well maybe we've just lead a too sheltered life but either of those two terms meant bugger all to us and for a long time we've both been very excited about swinging but I have no interested in letting someone else touch my wife let alone fuck her and I'm 100% sure she thinks the same

But for many years we've been watching swingers DVDs & wife swapping porn and its really excited us but knew it was out of the window, that was until one night while watching a TV program about US swingers and this couple menthioned that they enjoy same room sex and that was it! with this we lodged onto the internet and start reading on soft swingers & same room sex

It didn't take us long before we found all the information we needed and knew so long as we could find the right couple the idea of us playing while someone else is watching was a real big turn on so we posted this ad

"Mature couple from Weymouth looking for others for SRS ( same room sex) we are NOT looking for couple that want to swap this is for soft swapping only and hopefully enjoying the company of another couple and building long term friendships. We are 47/39 both considered attractive and would like to hear from similar couples"

We left it for a few days then lodged on and hadn't had a single reply which was at first a little disappointing as we were both keen after reading other profiles from couples that were also looking for same room sex contacts. but it was then that this message alert came in from someone and rather than clicking reply I looked at their profile first. They were a youngish couple (34/31) that were looking for almost the same as us, although they were looking at this as a stepping stone before trying out full blown contacts

We arranged to meet at a local bar in Weymouth town centre that we both knew and afterward making the date spoke a few time via email and by the time the evening came round we both felt very comfortable with Iain & Claire ( the other couple)

We got to the bar for 7 which was a little early as we both needed a stiff drink but was surprised to see Iain & Claire already hear and they said a friend dropped them off and they didn't realise how early it was till they sat down, plus needed a drink to steady nerves. We all chatted and really got on well and spoke quiet openly about sex which was odd with another couple but we did get the impression they both wanted a little more than just same room sex and that was something we really didn't want so after a good few hours and loads to drink we parted but said we would still keep in touch and chat in the chatroom if we saw them online

We returned home feeling a fed up and very horny but thought we'd check out the swingers site just two see and once lodged in noticed that we's had 4 replies to our ad! we are now chatting to other couples and by the looks of things will be meeting with other soft swingers soon

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Sherborne friendly married couple looking to meet genuine swingers & contacts around Dorset only,we are looking for friendship as well as swingers contacts hence the need for local contacts only. we are honest and friendly people to have fun with but very new to this so be gentle
Sherborne / Dorset
Joined 11/04/08

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Hi we are Steve and Debs from Poole in Dorset looking for some excitement with couples only..Debs is into dressing up to play both inside or outside ( she loves flashing)and also has a large supply of toys. We are after couples for same room full swapping We both enjoy giving and receiving oral and willing to try most things. If you like the look of us then get in touch but please make sure you send photos with your reply otherwise we won't reply
Poole / Dorset
Joined 10/02/08

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we are a very pleasant sexually attractive mature couple. We have both been into NSA Sex , wife swapping, Threesomes & swingers for some time and love meeting with others. Sharon ( my wife) is bi so would love to hear from either single bifems or couples with a bifem partner and this pretty well is a must. Right now we are primarily looking bi or bi-curious contacts (females) as my wife really want to further her experiences and needless to say like any husband or boyfriend I'm keen to either watch or join in
Dorchester / Dorset
Joined 21/05/08

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