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cuckold! no not cockold although you'd be surprised just how many people cuckold is spelt that way after all the term cock and hold just really describes what cuckold husbands is all about, after all if you've got some guy fucking your mature wife what are you going to do than sit their with ya cock in ta hand wanking off while the wife has some fun......not to say you won't as well

But the cuckold contacts genre websites have been going for age, just now thanks to the internet more people are getting into watching their mature wives getting fucked by horny bulls and in a lot of case YOUNG horny black males!

So, the question is do you want to watch your horny housewife or mature wife getting fucked by some other guy? whether it be a mature bull or a younger male as it seems the days when younger males wanted similar aged contacts are long gone and the days of the milf or indeed gilf are strong with many of our bulls looking for mature wife's to fuck while the old man sits back and enjoys the show

" Could you fuck someone wife while the husband watches "

its something I've asked a few friends " could you fuck someone wife while the husband watched" for me its a defiantly NO I just don't think the little guy would even want to stand to attention, but a few of my swingers friends said they would be more than up for it and indeed have done on a few times !!!

sample members photos that are looking for cuckold contacts

PLEASE NOTE- I have cropped images to hide members ID's but as a member you'll have access to full un cropped photos

so finding mature cuckold husband contacts instant hard in fact using our advanced searching you could be checking out profiles and contacting members within a short period of time, but some things to consider when thinking about cuckoldry

  • Bulls - when looking for bulls make sure they know you will want to be present
  • If its full on cuckold sex in other words where the wife will want to humiliate you, you let the bull know this
  • If you want safe sex make sure this is clear from the start
  • If you want to video some guy fucking your wife, make sure you tell them this as some members aren't happy about having a camera shoved towards them
  • Most bulls will not want a threesome after all this is NOT what cuckoldry is about so if thats what you may want tell them
  • Some wives will not want Anal sex, so again put that into your ad

The key with any type of mature swingers contacts is communication, the more you tell people from the onset what will happen the better the evening will be and everyone including the wife, cuckold husband & bull will have a great time.

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mature single guy looking for couples for either threesomes or cuckold sex. I'm 56 slim and still got all my teeth ;o) I've played the role of the "bull" a few times and enjoyed it so would love to try this again. I'm looking to hear from mature couples and would prefer local contacts to me in southampton
Hampshire swingers
Joined 11/02/08

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mature couple looking for single males or couples. We are both in our mid 60's and starting swapping. We are looking for either another mature gent to fuck my wife or a couple for wife swapping fun. We are not into anything kinky and just enjoy good sex and the company of others
Dorset Swingers
Joined 19/03/08

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couple looking for cuckold sex. My husband wants to see me getting fucked by another guy or guys and at the same time video it. I would love to hear from VWE guys and if possible black as its been a long term fantasies of mine to be fucked by a black male, and as my husband also want to watch could be fun. I'm 52 slim and can play all night long so long stayers only pls. Anyone contacting me pls attach a photo otherwise I won't reply
West Sussex Swingers
Joined 21/02/08

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